Saturday, 10 December 2011

Breaking Norms, retard style.

We don't have to be all co-ordinated. Yellow and orange un-matches perfectly.

You don't have to buy me flowers. Sharing a vada-pav does the trick.

We don't have to walk hand in hand, blushing and singing romantic songs. Nirma Washing Powder will be our anthem. And, we'll dance to it. Like retards.

You don't have to like my pimples and my clueless mess of a hair. Be angry on them like I am too?

We dont need to kiss each goodnight. Pillow fights shall be our routine.

I'll mess up your hair and you'll tickle me. Or vice versa.

No, fancy restaurants or sitting sophisticatedly. Roadside junk food is all we need.

You won't take me to the movies that much, but come with me on eating expeditions?

We won't go partying in high heels and tight clothes. Instead we'll just watch trashy movies and Modern Family in our unflattering pajamas.

We will always eat on the bed. And, spill food everywhere and on each other.

And, then have pizza and cheesecake dates.

You don't always have to waste your money. Let me make my wallet sad too.

We won't need long phone calls or texts. We'll be just fine.

No, we don't need any of these.


You'll need make me laugh. And, be there.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


In a childlike bewilderment, she marvelled upon his unlikeness.

Unlikeness from the rest of the empty people in the room.

The rest of the people with their baggage and weird proclivity.

But, him.

He was just.. something else.

A refreshing modification to her otherwise monotonous life who gave her enough reasons to beam about.

A smile breaks thus, on seeing how effortlessly he would be swallowed up into the crowd and yet emerge distinctly.

The more she scrutinized him for signs of deficiency, the more he would surprise her.

And, they shared laughs. Lots of them.

And, some stories.

And, suddenly the emptiness in the bottom drawer began to fade.

Monday, 26 September 2011

I think I'm happy.

Our eyes meet just for  a second.
And, then they depart.

Depart, simultaneously
As if it's rehearsed.

As if they have been doing this since years
As if they share a bond.

But, they don't.
Neither do you and I.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

All I want to do is write fiction.

Amidst the clatter of half baked conversations flying around the room in rapid proportions.. She sat by the window enveloped in the silence of her world.

The waiter came by the table to ask for her order.
Hearing the voice of another human seemed alien to her. It took her some time to come back her senses and then dutifully, she gave her order in a singsong voice and quietly sipped the glass of water and threw a glance all around her
Happy people. Sad people. Angry people. But, most importantly there were conversations. And, smiles.

She swallowed in the snippets of conversation from each table.
She stared away in the loneliness. Looked out of the window some more breathing in and out the silence all around her.
The silence that made her want to scream. Scream so loud that everyone present gets an earful of it.
The silence was just too loud.

It was going to be harder than she thought..

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

'Why did you leave without saying goodbye?'

She stood there with the blue umbrella as if she owned the world.

Stood right there over the pavement in the sensitive chaos of the evening with drops of rain washing down the streets and drowning away the unbearable quietness of the road.

'Would it wash away her pain too? Would it give her freedom from the hackles of being caught up in a life that hasn't been her own till now?'

She wondered with amused eyes looking ahead. Looking ahead to the future.. the freedom that came with it.

Beside her a train of people went along. With their umbrellas protecting themselves from the rain.

Not even letting a drop of rain come in contact with their body.

She laughed to herself. 'What are they scared of?' She thought.

It was time.

Eighteen years of sheltered protection. She could wait no more.

And, just like that she threw away her umbrella and let the drops of rain adorn her body.

Looking up to the sky.. she closed her eyes. And, felt the drops of water trickle down her face and give her freedom. And, some more

A smile curved her lips into undefined glee.

Lonely the umbrella stays. Neglected beside the pavement. All alone.
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