Saturday, 10 December 2011

Breaking Norms, retard style.

We don't have to be all co-ordinated. Yellow and orange un-matches perfectly.

You don't have to buy me flowers. Sharing a vada-pav does the trick.

We don't have to walk hand in hand, blushing and singing romantic songs. Nirma Washing Powder will be our anthem. And, we'll dance to it. Like retards.

You don't have to like my pimples and my clueless mess of a hair. Be angry on them like I am too?

We dont need to kiss each goodnight. Pillow fights shall be our routine.

I'll mess up your hair and you'll tickle me. Or vice versa.

No, fancy restaurants or sitting sophisticatedly. Roadside junk food is all we need.

You won't take me to the movies that much, but come with me on eating expeditions?

We won't go partying in high heels and tight clothes. Instead we'll just watch trashy movies and Modern Family in our unflattering pajamas.

We will always eat on the bed. And, spill food everywhere and on each other.

And, then have pizza and cheesecake dates.

You don't always have to waste your money. Let me make my wallet sad too.

We won't need long phone calls or texts. We'll be just fine.

No, we don't need any of these.


You'll need make me laugh. And, be there.


Soumi said... DO make it sound like my dream relationship.If only I got someone like Him!I'd have been married by now,trust me!Anyway,good to see you back.I've missed you,a LOT!How've you been anyway?I'll be back to blogging after 13th Dec.:-)

Confused Soul said...

awww man...that's so cute! And you know it's strange but I'm glad that THIS IS the kind of relationship that I'm in with my guy.. No high heels, no sophistication, no pretense, no over-doing any makeup nothing. Plain. SImple. And that's how I think it makes sense to us..

Gosh this post made me go all awww and smiling coz I was reminiscing about my guy.. Great post.. :)

P.S. you were missed, dil se! :)

Poulomi said...

Soumi : You have no idea how much love I feel for you. No, really.
I'm coming to Kolkata on 22nd Dec.
Meet me pleasee?

@Confused Soul : Do you even know how lucky you are?

muse.hitarth said...

Welcome back here.

You were being missed.

And back with one of your cutest posts. Keep it up!

Cheers! :)

PeeVee™ said...

This is why I pester you to write more. This, right here.

Sam B said...

OMG There's so much love in that post :) I love reading happy dream-like things :) And this makes me wanna rush to bombay once again :P

Junisha Dama said...

I love the way you write!
Its so YOU!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Wow. I'd love to have a relationship like this :P

PS:- I changed my blog's url, so please un-follow and re-follow my blog so that my shitty posts keep on popping up in your Google reader.


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Blahblaholic ♥ © said...

This sound SO PERFECT!
It's damn sweet & incredibly cute.
Post more pleez?
Awesomeness this one <3

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